Idea for activities adaptation (compatibility) : copy/paste existing separate activities into integrated ones

Hello, I have noticed there is currently no possibility of re-using the content of one stand alone activity, say image hotspot, into another activity which integrates it, say Branching scenario. Only way is to rebuild the image hotspot into Branching scenario.
If there’s a list somewhere of ideas for development, maybe it would help teachers who have developed separate activities to quickly re-use them in multi-activities or integrated ones.
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Hi @SylvieLH

I think it’s already covered by the Copy functionality available in the editor of each content type.
If you open your Branching scenario, click on the Copy button at the top of the editor, then open the Branching scenario, a Reuse Content button should be present in the sidebar.

Regarding development suggestions, depending on the content, I think some could be expressed as issues on the Github repository of the content type.

Thank you Pierre, I think I’ll put it in GitHub.
If I produce a “multiple choice” for example, and finally decide I want to reuse it in the multiple choice type of a question set, it doesn’t work.